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We are Maktub Bohemian Rides

"Heaven on earth is to be found on horseback"

Maktub is an Arabic word with a very deep meaning, 'it was written' or 'whatever must be, will be'. It transmits that it is destiny which fixes and sets out certain connections in our life, our soul and on the divine scale.

That which is destined to happen will always find a unique, magical, and wonderful way in which to manifest itself. Which is why you are reading this…

We meet at a time the universe has decided for us to meet and it can only be to experience wonderful, unique and most importantly, real moments.

Maktub Bohemian Rides is a business which offers safaris on horseback. We are a family whose life is dedicated to living surrounded by these noble friends, the horses. If we are to add the impressive place we live in, this simply makes for a perfect combination.

Our property 'Mar de Naranjos' is to be found bordering on the eastern reaches of the Parque de los Alcornocales. When we began to discover the different places we could ride to on horseback, we were very surprised at the extent of these forests and magical lands.

MAKTUB Bohemian Rides · Horse trails

"Give me a horse... and I will shake the world's spirit"

- Gabriel Oliverio –

José Simo

As a child, José Simo clearly knew that his life would always be surrounded by horses. His father, Coronel Simo, was a great jockey who lived for his horses. He loved to compete, taking part in official races at the age of 74. He instilled in him love for our friends.

As a jockey, Jose Simo was Spanish Champion in the category of Gentleman Riders, Éperon Vermeil in the World Championships.
He took part twice in the most famous and feared obstacle course in the world. The Grand National at Aintree in Liverpool reputed for being the hardest obstacle race in the world.

In 1990 he took the 13th place with Gallic Prince and rode Southernair in 1991 on whom he was unable to finish the course.

As a veterinarian in Equine Sports Medicine, he has taken part in five Olympic Games as a vet on the Spanish Olympic team. Among other successes are two Olympic medals, one silver the other bronze in dressage at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.

José Simo MAKTUB Bohemian Rides · Horse trails

Coronel Jose Simo

Sofía Marbán

The heart and soul behind the organisation of the safaris who makes sure that everything is in harmony so that all riders may enjoy their wonderful adventure.

Her passion for horses also begins as a child. Expert rider, biologist and veterinarian specialised in horses; she also loves nature.

400.000 hectares to discover

Among which the great majority of the pueblos blancos are found, famous for their charming aspect and replete with lovely places to spend the night, with incredible gastronomy, typical of traditional of Andalusian lands. This combination of forests, gastronomy, magical villages spurred us on to start on this new adventure and to share it with you on horseback.

MAKTUB Bohemian Rides · Horse trails

And most importantly, THE CLIMATE!

We are fortunate enough to live in an area of Europe with most sun hours and, as it also rains occasionally, everything is green and lush depending on the time of the year.

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